Creative Workflow

March 07, 2017

The Essence of Creative Workflow

You’re a creative designer, and you’ve just landed a new assignment that has the potential to jumpstart your professional career.

To ensure that both you and the client share the same vision and that no time is wasted, you first need to outline your creative workflow.

A creative workflow should include the following essential phases: (1) conceptual phase, (2) design phase, (3) development phase, and (4) launch phase. The conceptual phase allows you to stop for a moment and consider the overall purpose of the project and the client’s expectations. The design phase permits you to paint your ideas onscreen, giving you (and the client) multiple designs from which to choose. Once a solid direction is established, you transition to the development phase of the workflow, where functionality blends with accessibility. Finally, you’re ready to launch the project into earth’s global network for others to absorb and admire.

By mapping out the path to project completion, you and your design team stay focused and on schedule. To look into the details of our creative workflow, Click Here >