Project Proposal

March 30, 2017

5 Things to Include in a Design Proposal

Every now and again, a client requests a written proposal before considering you for a project. If you’ve never had to design one, this may seem like a daunting task. In fact, you may decide to skip this client altogether. It’s no secret that proposals are time consuming, repetitive, and often useless if the client is only interested in seeing your price options.

But consider this: regardless of the client’s intentions, a proposal is a creative tool to present your mission statement and illustrate your design skills through sample projects, testimonials, and even the proposal’s layout.

Here are five things to remember when designing your proposal:

1) Research
You’d never walk into a job interview without first doing some research on the company, right? Demonstrating that you know the client’s brand and industry scores you bonus points and shows clients that you’re already invested in their business.

2) Strategy
Think long-term relationship when designing the proposal. Reveal how your services will shape the future of your client’s success.

3) Proofreading
Having extra spaces between words or misspellings may look like you rushed through the proposal process, leading the client to assume this is how you treat other projects. To avoid this false impression, have someone you trust review the proposal after you complete it.

4) Clarity
Include different cost options and provide price breakdowns. In addition to accuracy, ensure pricing appears clear and concise.

5) Narrative
From its cover design and portfolio samples to its pricing layout, the proposal needs to reflect your brand’s style. Let it tell your business’ story through creative graphics, fonts, and colors.

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