Finding Balance

August 29, 2017

Finding the Right Balance in Your Design

Whether you’re designing an invitation, flyer, or website, remember to limit the number of decorative features or distracting elements that prevent the viewer from identifying the essential information of the piece.

Incorporating tiny graphics, typography, or images that look cool but have little effect on the overall function of the design can overwhelm and inhibit the viewer’s experience.

The trick to finding the right balance is using these smaller details as markers that draw the viewer’s attention to the larger (and more critical) information on the page. Always start with a clear layout and as you begin to incorporate decorative elements within the page, make sure these features are guiding the viewer’s focus, not disrupting it. If you find that an image or graphic is serving no purpose other than to look artistic, get rid of it. As the designer, it's your responsibility to convey details in a swift and concise fashion.

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