Live Design

March 16, 2017

The Who, What, and Why Not of Live Design

Communication is key to successful project management. No argument there, right? As we shared in our last post, communication is all part of the creative workflow process. But consider the following: how often are you in contact with your clients and how much of that interaction is helping you enrich their brands?

Hosting a live design session, where clients interact with the designer and virtually watch their ideas come to life onscreen is a strategic way to keep each project on point, without wasting your designer’s time or infringing on each client’s schedule.

Too often design teams spend the majority of the day sitting in meetings or discussing projects with clients via teleconference, without ever doing any actual design work. Sound familiar?

Live design keeps the client interested and interactive during the development phase. They not only watch in amazement as you develop their brand, but they also have the advantage of seeing their ideas on screen when adjustments can be made, and the designer has the benefit of showing various project concepts all at once. This speeds up the decision-making process to ensure that both the designer and the client are in sync.

With live design, you can choose any video software application that you’re most comfortable with. Skype is easy to use and free, which makes it an ideal option for clients who are less tech-savvy.

Rather than waste the client’s time with pointless meetings and draft after draft—only to discover that somewhere between the concept and development phase, there was a miscommunication–why not try live design and allow the client to play an active role in the creative process!

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