Pop Ups

October 03, 2017

The Trouble with Pop Ups

As in life, too much of anything creates conflict. The same applies to your business’ website. Alerts or promotions in the form of pop-up windows are effective tools that grab the user’s attention; however, you want to use these types of features sparingly—or sometimes not at all. A better way to promote your products and intrigue users is to embed notifications at the top of your homepage. This ensures three things: (1) The user won’t exit the window before reading its content, (2) If the user decides to take advantage of an exclusive deal, they can revert back to the homepage for details, and (3) you won’t annoy your user with distracting pop-up windows, which for most people is a major turn off. Remember, if the user can successfully navigate through your site with little interruption, they’ll visit more frequently.

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