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March 01, 2017

Top Three Reasons to Shop Locally for Design

Whether it’s Small Business Saturday, Record Shop Day, or a weekend farmer’s market, patrons are encouraged to trade in their trips to big retail franchises and, instead, visit their local shopping areas, eateries, and downtown market streets. The desire to shop local and support your community’s farmers, craftsmen, antique dealers, and other product providers continues to grow, and why not?! There are numerous benefits to supporting local entrepreneurs in your community.

An article published by Entrepreneur lists the top six benefits of shopping local for you and your community, which include a thriving local economy (buying local means the majority of that money stays in the community); healthier consumers (buying fresh produce vs. processed foods); unique community identity (having more local shops creates a one-of-a-kind hometown environment with less chains and more reasons to visit that area); and personalized services.

Shopping, selling, and eating local is important. But what’s also essential to a community’s growth is doing business on a local level. For example, if you’re a small business in need of design work (e.g. branding, web development, signage, menus, or social media platforms), it’s better to partner with a local design company than outsource to a larger corporation or rely on DIY software programs to market your brand.

Here are the top three reasons to shop locally for design:

1) Creative Workflow
Your business is unique and deserves to be showcased with custom designs that convey your mission, values, and services. A small design firm does not work like an assembly line. They work as a team with diverse capabilities, including UI/UX design, content strategy, graphic design, and social media marketing. Best of all, they work directly with you from the conceptual stage to the product launch and because making your brand look its best promotes their business, it’s a win for everybody.

2) Customer Service
This may seem like a given. But in today’s fast-paced world of machine-operated 1-800 numbers and endless online help forums, talking to a real person with the professional experience and answers you need is a rarity. You have to remember that small design companies are, in essence, just like your small business. They work together to enhance the customer’s experience with a full suite of services that they cater to your brand’s needs. They want to create close relationships with you, so you’ll keep coming back to them again and again.

3) Building a Better Community
It’s easy to see how buying and shopping local helps build a thriving community. This can also be said for doing business locally. Like you, your local design company is a member of the community, and they’re working toward the same goal as everyone else, making your town or city profitable and always ahead of the competition. So when you choose a local design company for your brand, you’re not only investing in your own business’s success; you’re inventing in the future of your community.

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