Twin Cities

June 09, 2017

Clokendagger's Trip to the Twin Cities

Last week, Clokendagger traveled to the Midwest to visit the Twin Cities. While there, we checked out some local businesses and nearby attractions that placed Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, at the top of our list for best places to explore and grow a business.

From its local breweries, eateries, and downtown shopping districts to its vast scope of art exhibits and music venues, Minneapolis is more than a city. It’s a metropolis that celebrates urban culture with unique businesses, local music, and creative branding throughout the downtown area and nearby neighborhoods.

Among the incredible restaurants we savored and the inclusive districts we ventured, one of our favorite things we did in the Twin Cities was getting to know the locals. Every person we ran into welcomed us with smiles, funny stories, and fantastic recommendations on where to explore next in Minneapolis. We even got the chance to watch a Twins ball game with some fans, while enjoying locally crafted beer at one of the stadium's nearby breweries.

We also ventured to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds to experience graffiti art and listen to some inspiring artists at Minnesota’s annual Soundset Festival, including over 40 artists with headliners like Atmosphere, POS, Brother Ali, and Lauryn Hill.

Although we only stayed in the city for a few days, we were so impressed with its urban culture; accessibility to nearby transits and parking; affordability; and architecture, including the newly built Minnesota Vikings stadium.

One thing is for certain, Clokendagger will be visiting the Twin Cities again real soon!

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