Website Radar

April 18, 2017

Have You Checked Your Website’s Radar Lately?

Websites are like seasons; they change, take on different characteristics, and create new experiences. A great way to ensure your website is staying active and advancing with its competing environment is to update its content on a quarterly basis.

Whether you’re a restaurateur or you own a financial consulting firm, your website needs new content to keep up with the changing world around it. Think about it this way: If someone compares your website to a competitor’s and sees that you actively update its content with new photos, testimonials, blog posts, newsletters, etc., whose site are they more likely to recommend? The one that keeps its audience informed about its new services, menu options, upcoming events, and creative ideas or the one that hasn’t changed its content or layout in over a year?

Don’t let your website fall behind on the times. Keep it looking fresh and in season with monthly maintenance updates! Hire Us